Vragen en antwoorden in interview over Call of Duty 2


Na interview waarin games als QuakeIV en Black&White het gespreksonderwerp waren is het de beurt voor een interview met de makers van Call of Duty 2, het vervolg op de 2e wereldoorlog shooter Call of Duty. Het gehele interview is hier te vinden en gaat voornamelijk over de aanwezige wapens, characters, verhaallijn en de gameplay, hier een klein voorproefje:

GS: We’ve already seen famous battles such as Stalingrad, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Fall of Berlin in the first Call of Duty game and expansion. What battles can we look forward to in Call of Duty 2, other than Toujane (which we’ve already seen), and is there a danger of covering ground that’s been covered before?

ZR: Last thing first… The only Call of Duty battle we are returning to in Call of Duty 2 is Stalingrad, and that’s just because it was so epic, so mind-bogglingly huge, and so important to the entire war that you could easily make five to six games about it and just get started on fully depicting it all by itself. Other than Stalingrad, we are also featuring the winter war where, in 1941, the German army rolled to within 20 miles of the gates of Moscow before the terrific cold and the tenacity of the Russians brought it to a halt. A new setting for us is North Africa, where we are featuring battles in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt between Montgomery’s 8th Army and Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and his famous Afrika Korps. The best known of these battles is the huge and critical battle of El Alamein, where the British went so far as to make fake tank units, using wood and paint, in order to trick the Germans into defending in the wrong place. As you can see, there is so much of the war left to cover. There are also a couple more very exciting battles that we’ll be showing and talking about at E3 this year.

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