Eerste patch voor Sid Meier’s Pirates!


De eerste Sid Meier’s Pirates! v1.01 patch off WP (7mb) is uitgekomen. Je kunt de patch onder andere hier binnenhalen.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! 1.01 Fixes :

Privateer crash where they had an invalid “home” and could not return.
Return NumLock state to whatever it was prior to game start.
Montalban map unaccessible from arrows.
“Terminator guy” player character on Intel graphics chipsets.
Crew will no longer be seen swinging from ropes in dueling when eliminated.
Treasure replay lists 1000 less gold.
With rank, no bounty appears in status screen.
Wrong color shirt in promotion replays.
Just because it annoyed me, all occurrances of “Treasuer” in log.cpp have been changed to “Treasure”
Barmaid – men in settlement.
Load/Save button enabled in port after loading arrival save.
Landmarks can disappear when two maps share same one.
Treasure map – no X.
You can still view treasure map after retrieving treasure but before returning to ship.
Wrong ordinals for PC in top ten pirates list and retirement screen.
Landmarks spawn under cities/not visible.
Leaving Panama/Gran Granada jail leaves player stuck.
Can’t reassign left and right for nav (keymap.ini). Or SeaBattle, for that matter.
Player can walk off the right edge of the map when on land.
If lost relative mission and Montalban mission both enabled and you complete the relative mission, the Montalban mission button is not visible on the menu.
Bartender resets upgrade at shipwright.
Reefs did not damage player’s ship in SB.
Camera clip in dance (Spanish ballroom).
Treasure fleet respawn issues.
Possible crash when trying to access one of the functions of DirectX before it was initialized.
Sea Nav: Port, Negative -2420 soldiers appear.
When firing grape or chain shot at the end of a ship battle, the sounds continue to loop in sailing.
Timing of dance help flash is earlier.
Land Battle exploit.
No food/no mutiny exploit.
Top 10 Pirates in wrongly named ships.
Water geometry not updated properly when scaling changes.
Sped up land battle animations.
Bar duels now more difficult – based on rank.
Dance rating modified by difficulty.

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