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The third battle is Nike Kevin durant and adidas Ricky rubio. cheap nike freeKevin durant, seven-year, $60 million, on behalf of the latest designer shoes NIKE KD 6. nike free runIn 2007 at a seven-year, $60 million price Nike Kevin durant scored the second show, and the adidas for durant proposes a seven-year, $70 million contract, but durant considering he has been maintained a long-term and friendly relationship with Nike, finally chose to Nike. Ricky rubio, 12 years, $100 million in 2012 to sign with adidas. mens nike free 3.0The contract will be in addition to adidas Derek Ross and Dwight Howard, the biggest. Despite endorsements not rose so high, lebron james shoesbut it is still only 22, “jin”, there is no doubt that expensive, after all star lebron james mvp shoescan get hundreds of millions of dollars contract, there isn’t much in the NBA. They also reflect rubio market favored by merchants.

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